What are the Benefits of an Eyelash Lift Course?

One of the fastest beauty trends today is eyelash lifting. Yet, what is it about eyelash lifting that makes it so popular?

Eyelash lifting is not a modern innovation as everyone seems to think. The “lash perming” in past decades is closely related to the eyelash lift of today with a modern twist.

The modern version of eyelash lifting involves using a water-soluble glue to carefully adhere lash extensions to the natural lashes of a client. A lifting lotion applied after adhering natural lash allows the lash to lift.

A setting lotion applied to the lashes is done after a short processing time. The longer-looking and luscious lashes provided by the entire process can last for up to 90 days.

All of these lash-lifting processes can be learned when choosing to enrol in an eyelash lift course. Being certified after finishing an Eyelash Lift Course allows you to pursue a career as a freelance eyelash lift professional.

Things Learned from an Eyelash Lift Course

The skill sets taught and learned from the ONE DAY Eyelash Lift Course covers:

  • Aftercare support and support
  • Insurance discounts and business development support
  • Hygiene, health, and safety
  • Procedural steps for both lash tinting and lifting including best techniques, tips, and hints
  • Usage guides and product information
  • Other consultation processes including patch testing
  • Contraindications

Structure of the Course:

The eyelash lift course is a ONE WHOLE DAY course running from morning to mid-afternoon. Continued opportunities and support provided by the course allow students to return to class at any time for further training and learning.

Prompt arrival for the class is requested from students. Two trainers are involved in every step of the course. Practising the learned skills takes the majority of the day. Students are required to bring their models after the lunch break.

Benefits provided by the course:

  • Eyelash lift kits are optional add-ons, meaning the students may opt to purchase or not. A 20% discount is provided for students opting to purchase an eyelash kit. The eyelash kit contains everything needed to practice newly learned eyelash and lash tinting skills.
  • Every material needed for the course is freely provided.
  • An ABT Accredited Certificate is awarded to students at the end of the course. The nationally recognised certificate allows students to start their eyelash lifting and tinting business as a freelancer or as a salon worker.
  • Viber is traditionally used for 24/7 communication between students and the school. Once qualified, students are provided access to qualified support 24/.
  • Two trainers are assigned to every course to provide learning and training.
  • Students are seen to start earning once qualified.
  • Provide the opportunity to offer popular lash treatments to clients
  • Career advancement
  • An opportunity to combine brow lamination training with the lash lift course
  • An opportunity to purchase a complete starter lash lift and tint kit
  • Acquire skills to enhance natural lashes
  • Choose the most convenient time to take the training
  • An opportunity to purchase additional lash lift kits at discounted prices
  • Learn lash lifting and tinting skills from industry experts
  • Learn expert techniques to produce outstanding lash lifting and tinting results
  • Train in a reputable beauty school
  • Understand the use of every lash lift tool and the right application

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